Who is Cornerstone?

Cornerstone is one of the fastest growing Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) providers in The Philippines. We are focused exclusively on providing solutions for Australian and NZ companies.

You won't find a group of people who understand business owners' needs and pain points better than the Cornerstone leadership team.

That's because Cornerstone was founded, and is owned and run by Australians who have vast experience building businesses in Australia and transforming the capacity and results of offshore teams in the Philippines.

Through hard won experience, we have identified what it takes to succeed in this environment and are champions of the might of the Filipino people having seen the transformation in our clients’ businesses time and again. We also believe in and are making a massive positive contribution to our staff members’ communities.

Our Philosophy

Cornerstone takes a systematic, process driven approach to building long term powerful and profitable offshore teams. Our methodology was developed as a result of our own experiences offshoring our Australian company in the Philippines and we believe that offshoring can only be truly successful if it results in a “win, win, win” situation for all parties involved.

Our philosophy is simple. We believe:

“The quality of our lives is a direct reflection of our ability to make a positive contribution to other people’s lives.”

Consequently, we have invested heavily into building an inspirational workplace culture that both attracts and retains top talent for the long term.

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The People of Cornerstone

The Cornerstone Business Solutions team feels passionate about sharing ourcombined knowledge and experience to help companies become more competitive and profitable in the global era.

David Warne

Chief Executive Officer

Over the past decade has founded, built and sold two $5 million to $10 million companies, including Sydney Harbour Tall Ships, an iconic Australian tourism and corporate events business that grew from zero to 100,000 customers annually, in 6 years.

"In Australia, red tape, lack of vision from local government, constant employee issues, increasing infrastructure expenses and the cost of employee wages were doing my head in and putting enormous pressure on my business, my family and my health. Something had to change or I was going to lose my family, my children and my mind – so I took action. I redesigned my business model and offshored significant parts of my operations to the Philippines and finally brought my dreams to life."

In just three months of establishing a team in the Philippines his company was saving $21,00 per week. Within 12 months, he reduced the company’s labour bill by 75%, increased turnover by 22% and transformed the business’s outlook. It wasn’t easy by any means and now David shares the valuable lessons learnt as a result of his first hand experiences with Australian and NZ companies contemplating offshoring.

Living in the Philippines with his family, he is on a mission to help Australian and NZ companies transform their competitive edge in the marketplace and ultimately transform profits by building highly effective teams of amazing people in the Philippines who stay for the long term.

Jeff Collinson

General Manager

Jeff's varied career from Royal Australian Naval officer, senior management at a multinational communications company and as a successful entrepreneur has resulted in a wealth of experience in team leadership, operations management and systems development.  Throughout Jeff’s career he has managed and lead many teams of people with the goal of meeting and exceeding client’s expectations. He manages the day to day operations of Cornerstone, ensuring that we deliver on our customer promise.

Anthony Cullen

Director of Corporate Services

Responsible for Training, HR and our unique Career Development Program which gives staff certainty and "brightness of future", resulting in long term commitment.

Christina Vasquez

Cultural and Human Resources Manager

In charge of developing our inspirational workplace that both attracts and keeps quality talent.

Michelle Lacanlale

Onboarding Manager

Is responsible for unique step by step "First 120 Day Incubator program" when staff first begin working with you. Nothing is left to chance.

Gus Servando

Business Development Officer

Co-ordinates all the arrangements so you can get started with your offshore team.

Rinna Dizon

Recruitment Manager

Responsible for attracting, screening and testing high quality candidates so that you get the right people on your team.

Ron Mendiola

IT Support and Data Security Manager

Ensures that the IT support team responds quickly and effectively to all staff requests. Responsible for keeping data safe and assets protected.

Alison Warne

Communications and Marketing

Engaging clients and staff with relevant information and insights about Cornerstone and offshoring.

Deslie Ramirez

Employee Relations Officer

Deslie facilitates communication between team members and senior management. He also acts as a concierge for visiting clients.

Kristian Basilio

Business Process Mapping and Documentation

Lowers risk for clients by assisting teams to build and document processes to deliver consistent results, increased productivity while removing key person dependency.

Yes – I want to find out more about the Easy Start, Low Risk Pilot Program that includes a FREE business trip in the Philippines

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